All of the programs that are available to you as an affiliate are listed on this page. You can see the payout structures of each program, the name of the program, and a description of each available program.

Available Program Payouts

WH Revshare
50% Recurring
Dear Webmasters and Website owners! We work very hard to provide our members an incredible amount of high quality new content. We would like to invite you to affiliate with our website. Now you can participate in our extremely generous Revenue Sharing program through NATS Affiliate Software by linking it through our banner, photos, videos, galleries on your site to our site This is an individual partnership with each webmaster and payments are made directly to you by PayPal. When you refer new customers to us, we will pay you 50 % of all new signups and recurring revenues, minus credit card processing fees, charge backs and credits.
WH Affiliate Referral Program
10% of Tier 1
9% of Tier 2
8% of Tier 3
7% of Tier 4
6% of Tier 5
5% of Tier 6
4% of Tier 7
3% of Tier 8
How it works per example: Affiliate A signs up Affiliate B; A earns 10% of B's sales. Affiliate B signs up Affiliate C; B earns 10% of C's sales and A earns 9% of C's sales. In this setup, B is A's first tier, and C is A's second tier.
50% Recurring
No Commision program